South Paulding Spartans Football
2017 Season

Spartan Scroll V.III


There are a few things you can’t hold back; the rising sun, the tide, a strong wind, and of course a new football season. The 2017 campaign gets underway this week with our annual scrimmage with Hillgrove. The 2017 edition of Spartan Football has been working hard in preparation for making a charge into the new season. Great efforts have been extended in hopes of bouncing back from last year’s record. The 2017 Spartans are younger than any team we’ve ever fielded with potentially 4 senior starters on offense and 3 seniors starting on defense. This younger group of Spartans have extended themselves to personal and imposed expectations. This group could prove to be exciting now and in years to come.


What a tremendously large and energy filled group we had on hand to complete several tasks needing the attention of our volunteers. Many, many thanks to all the parents and players who came out and stepped up to make our facility one of the finest in the land. We certainly hope this spirit of helping hands continues as the season presents many more opportunities to pitch in and help out. Our hats are tipped to our Touchdown Club officers who have and are providing great leadership and hours upon hours of extra effort on behalf of all the boys and teams. Craig Young our President, Ben Waldrop our Vice President, Jerrie Self our Treasurer, Andreana Saratt our Secretary, Kelly Madden our Public Relations officer, and Michelle Jones who runs our Fund Raising, as well as Lee Gragg who handles Team Support. These few people have and are filling in and helping out to build a tremendous Spartan Nation for everyone. Their countless hours of support and effort is worthy of your gratitude and more important your effort to lend a hand whenever needed. Our hats are off to them.


This summer has been filled with many experiences designed to help our boys grow as young men and improve as football players. Right from the start in May we established our concept of serving one another and the “Parable of the Spoons” addressed this. The boys, being boys as they are, seem to be working on the idea of putting others first. Next we held our contact camp with a heavy dose of what a “Man” is. This was done with the help of a group called “A Call to Men” an advocacy group fighting violence against women and girls. In July we moved on to the issues of pushing yourself through though spots, of growing as a mentally tough person and the ever most important concept of reinforcing that your teammates come first. Stonewall Solutions a pair of retired Navy Seals put the boys through a grueling day of both physical and mental training toward this accomplishment. None of these activities alone will make us a better team, and when compiled together they can only do so much; but without them we would only be individuals and not a cohesive unit poised for accomplishment.


Football is truly a great game, and in my opinion the greatest. Of course there are many ways to build character and establish self-discipline, and learn to overcome adversity. None I believe have the intensity and complexity for bringing out the best in young people as football. The rewards from this game outweigh the sacrifices by tons. To put into words the concepts, devotions, bonds, and fortifying experience of football doesn’t do it justice. In my personal life the lessons and experience of football are parallel with my faith in God. God’s extreme presence in our pursuit of eternal happiness is above all we do. With that being said, all the concepts expressed about football only help and support that same pursuit. Our young Spartans will learn tough lessons, which will make following the disciplines of their faith possible and purposeful.


Bring on the 2017 season! We’re ready.