South Paulding Spartans Football
2017 Season

Spartan Scroll V.X


Over the years I’m happy to say I’ve coached all kinds of teams and all kinds of kids who have made up those teams. My overall coaching record stands above .500 which I know matters to some, is insignificant to others and is what most lay people will use to measure success in my chosen field of life’s work. Among these teams have been talented kids who played real well, talented kids who played not so well. Just as there have been kids in the opposite realm of both these scenarios. The best kids we put on the field each Friday night come in all shapes and sizes. Each offers something, some on the field, some off the field, and some in both places. Every player on our team has something we like and a few have a couple twitches we don’t. All of which makes these teams different from others because no two teams are ever alike. Whether good, bad, average, or above average it’s impossible for two teams to be alike.


Recently I answered a questionnaire for Georgia Football Daily which asked about the most important quality for sustained success. I as most coaches noted that players with talent make a huge difference. Others factors, like administration, faculty, parents, wives, and facilities also help build success but are only portions of a pie with the biggest slice being players. When talking about players you begin to describe the types of players. Big; Fast; Athletic; Smart; Savvy; Dedicated; Committed; Competitive; Unselfish and Enjoyable. All those qualities make teams with success and also make up teams with little or no success. So that pushes the concept of intangibles to the next phase which is the action of, cohesiveness; chemistry; brotherhood, all the issues of being devoted to each other. Thus far this year we have experienced many of these character traits and yet find ourselves with fewer points than our adversaries in all occasions.


Friday our boys took the field with some marginal confidence. There was a higher degree of confidence than usual. I am proud to say the boys played hard for four quarters. In watching the film you can see that effort was honest and full of commitment to each other. That doesn’t mean mistakes didn’t take place, both mental and physical. It does however point out that effort made a difference in how competitive we were. When tallying all that goes into football play, and winning and losing, effort and attitude are the two things you can control. Speed; size; and natural skills happen at times to be more abundant on the other side of the ball than ours, and only the things you can control have a chance to make the difference. Sometimes those are not enough.


Sometimes I write this before church and this morning I had other preparations to make and waited until after. I’m glad I did. My two favorite hymns were sung today. First we sang “Count Your Blessings”. When tossed upon life’s billows; when discouraged feeling all is lost; count your blessing; name them one by one. To paraphrase the hymn. I have never been able to outnumber my blessings when counting and comparing to the discouragements of life, blessings always win. It would be like over complaining about the price of gas, when the alternative is to walk. Boy would we love to be faster. Boy would we love to be bigger. However we could be slower and we could be smaller. We certainly could complain about a lot of things. That however, would take time away from making what we have better. We closed our service today with my all-time favorite hymn; “Because I Have Been Given Much”.


Because I have been given much, Because I have been sheltered, fed,Because I have been blessed by
I too must give; By thy good care; thy great love dear Lord;
Because of thy great bounty Lord, I cannot see another’s lack and I not share; I’ll share thy love again
Each day I live; My glowing fire, my loaf of bread, According to thy word;
I shall divide my gifts from thee; my roof's safe shelter overhead; I shall give love to those in need,
With every brother that I see That he too may be comforted. I’ll show that love by word and deed;
Who has the need of help from me. Thus shall my thanks be thanks in deed.


It’s not too uncommon in a season such as ours to place a big importance on some things that really are less significant to winning because we can control them. Winning and losing is not always in our control. At times the attributes of size, speed, and age control how the ball bounces. To compensate, we over stress issues of self and attention, maybe through what we wear, or assignment of order, or through imagined traditions. The truth is they are not as important as we think. Some things do lend themselves to routine and flow of normalcy making us comfortable and able to play better. Other things are just show, only important to self and to acclaim. We all desire what should be ours. All too often we do so by forgetting what has been given us. Sometimes we forget or are so involved in self that dividing or seeing another’s lack is unnoticed. Trying more each day to understand another’s hand in life is difficult. Doing all we can to accomplish long lasting memories and life rewarding treasures are sometimes curtailed by the immediate reward of small settings and ornaments which aid only those that garner self-attention is a difficult task. The awards of man’s acclaim last only a moment in comparison to the rewards of service to another and devotion to a common goal which are eternal treasures of real accomplishment. Praise is not for the announcement of accomplishment but rather for what is achieved by the accomplishment. We are anxious to see our kids build upon each step of commitment and improvement of effort in search of an accomplishment to be remembered.