South Paulding Spartans Football
2017 Season

October 20th 
Mays Raiders


Moved to Saturday, October 21st at 7pm IN THE NEW MERCEDES-BENZ STADIUM.


Read About It Here

MONDAY: 9th grade practice 400 to 530 grass / VAR-JV practice 400 to 530 grass


TUESDAY: All teams report to field house at early release practice 4 to 630 all teams


WEDNESDAY: All teams report to field house at early release practice 4 to 630 all teams


THURSDAY: 9th play here ….JV at PC…. No Varsity practice


FRIDAY 9th released to go home JV Varsity practice 400 to 530




  • 1030am Coaches report
  • 1130am Players from all three teams report for walk through
  • 1245pm Team meal in commons
  • 130pm All teams pack and dress for MBS. Players should be prepared to wear cardinal shorts, game jersey, tennis shoes, socks, bring alternate shirt for ride home. NO Sliders or Flip flops.
  • 230pm load buses for MBS
  • 330pm Arrive MBS unload form up for team picture
    • Schedule adjusts ftp, here on times
    • Supervised free time
    • Pre-Game Meal
    • Dress
    • Warmup


Game time

Stadium Information


Anyone who is planning on attending the game should visit the Mercedes Benz website for information on parking, prohibited items, banners, signs, security procedures, bringing bags into the stadium, and other information.


All guidelines listed on the Mercedes Benz website will be in place for the high school games this Saturday.


Parking at Mercedes Benz Stadium // Mays Game


Game Tickets DO NOT include Parking at the Stadium. We Encourage Parking be Purchased Online Here


Confirmation Will Be Provided.


Car Pooling is Also Encouraged -- Make Arrangements With People You Know.  Thanks.

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