South Paulding Spartans Football
2016 Season

September 2nd
Hiram Hornets




Week of August 29th


The word for the week is INSISTENCE


Var: all 10th, 11th, 12th graders
9th: those players who are in the 9th grade
Most All: Not quite everyone


MONDAY 9th 4 to 6pm; Var 350 to 645pm
TUESDAY 9th 4 to 6pm; Var 350 to 630pm film after for Most All
WEDNESDAY 9th 4 to 6pm; Var 350 to 620pm
THURSDAY Most All Var 7am to 755am; JV dressers and 9th stay after school for pre-game meal and game prep. JV travels to EAST 9th plays at home. They will get instructions from their coach.
FRIDAY Varsity Game day Var stay at school and prepare for victory; some 9th graders will be asked to stay and help in some capacity with Varsity game.

South Paulding -- the Honored Recipient of the 2015 - 2016 Superintendent's Cup for the Most Sportsmanlike Conduct, by its Athletes; and Received $500.00, from PT Solutions, at the North Paulding Game.


It is a Honor for South Paulding - Special Thanks to All of the Athletes, in Making this Possible for the Spartans!

south paulding spartans football 2016 season schedule

2016 Season Schedules



spartan scroll

Spartan Scroll IV.VII
August 28th


We’ve all read the story of Noah’s ark and how he gathered everything two by two closed the doors and watched the water rise. Those familiar with the story also know of the fable concerning unicorns. How they weren’t mindful, regardless of the number of warnings or calls for obedience to quit playing and get on board.


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